Puerto Rico… the beginning. 

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  My aunt had a day planned out for me on my 2nd day here.  It was so much fun and educational. Below is a list of places we went to visit and don’t forget to check out the pictures.  😁

  • Piscinas de Aguas Termales de Coamo
  • Tibes indigenous ceremonial center
  • Routa de lechon 
  • Ocean park beach for noche de san juan

        2 thoughts on “Puerto Rico… the beginning. 

        1. I love everything on your itinerary, and although I am seething with envy, it makes me very happy to know you are having wonderful experiences and adventures in Puerto Rico. Go explore Santurce and the murals and la plaza del mercado, and if you go to Piñones, go to el Palacio de los Jueyes for crab, and El Boricua (last kiosk in piñones) for the best fried puerto-ricaness! Also, if you want to go for a cool day trip, drive down to Arroyo all the way to the coast, make a right to a tiny town (Posuelo) and check out the pastelillo spot …. Either Palacio or Casa de Los Pastelillos… It’s on the water; they have hammocks for the clientele; and the pastelillos are amazing, especially the lobster-mofongo. If you go back to cayey, there’s a place called El Cuñado for excellent lechon. Take Route 1 (I think) toward Aibonito, about 20 minutes up the mountain. Just so you know, I’m right now taking a break from cleaning my bathroom, while you’re probably sipping some refreshing alcoholic beverage in paradise…. Yes, these are the words of envy and jealousy!! Keep enjoying yourself — I’m traveling vicariously through you!!


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