I have been feeling a deep sense of gratitude lately. Nothing is perfect in my life. Things have gone wrong and I always find myself making mistakes. I have loved and been rejected. I have been loved. I have shed tears because I can’t figure out the why or how on certain aspects of my life… know? But still, with all this..yeah I’m grateful because I’m alive to feel all of this madness and it belongs to me..everything. I own it! The chaos in my mind,  the love in my heart, the pain, the experiences that make it all worth it, the confusion, the fuck no, i did it again mistake! Lol. I’m not writing this for the 3 people that will probably read this. I’m writing this for me! So I will never forget to be grateful, now and always! So cheers to another traveling journey to where some of my roots are…Puerto Rico!

2 thoughts on “Grateful 

  1. Salud to YOU, amiga! I am proud of you, one of the best people i know, a truly adventurous spirit, and so brave. Not many of us can do what you are doing, but all of us should. I want to be there too, lunging backwards into the ocean en la noche de San Juan. You are inspiring and motivating and energizing… and I need to be there! I miss you and I love you!


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