Pizza in Colombia !

 I made it to my hostel in Cartagena.  As soon as I entered my dorm room, I met 2 Brazilan women. We started chatting and they mentioned a few places I should check out.  One of them was pizza in a place called Basilica. Now initially I was like why would you eat pizza in Colombia? I wrote down her recommendations with no intention of actually going to this place.  I stepped out to get acquainted with my new neighborhood. I walked around, changed money, bought water.I was feeling pretty accomplished.. now all I needed was some food. As I was walking ..boom! The restaurant, Basilica was right there staring at me. initially I was like oh hell no..I am not going to have pizza on my first day in Colombia. But then my mouth started salivating and I gave in to my weakness of pizza. I have no regrets. It was delicious and yes I ate the whole thing.

2 thoughts on “Pizza in Colombia !

  1. Hola Biscocho… Llegastes a Colombias!! Yes! The pizza looks amazing! Disfruta esa tierra tan bella! Love you! I wish I was there with you. Besos


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